Camping all year round at Sorø Lake

We’re looking forward to giving you a warm welcome at Sorø Sø Camping. A campsite in beautiful natural surroundings – right down to Pedersborg bathing lake and only 1.5 km from the centre of Sorø with its wide-ranging commercial life.

New at Sorø Sø Camping!
All guests now get free bath and wifi, as well as green and sustainable energy.

Campsite with pleasant and comfortable surroundings

The campsite particularly welcomes families, so closeness and comfort are our key-words. Our aim is to create pleasant and comfortable surroundings for your stay in Sorø, whilst along the way providing the optimal starting point for a holiday experience on Sjælland.

Sorø Sø Camping

Campsite in good location, close to town

Personal and committed service

Own bakery with home baked bread




Overnight stays

The campsite

We are located in hilly terrain, which gives the campsite a special touch. Sorø Sø Camping is beautifully located down to Pedersborg Lake, which is in middle position among the three lakes in Sorø. Sorø Lake to the south, Pedersborg Lake in the centre, and Tuel Lake to the north. There is varied planting with local species on the site, which gives a nice combination of shelter, tranquillity, lake views and the possibility of some shade on warm summer days – it rains amazingly rarely in Sorø.
Check-in takes place between 14:00 and 20:00, and check-out takes place between 07:00 and 12:00.
Shop and reception are closed between 12:00 and 14:00.

The campsite’s story

Sorø Sø Camping was founded in 1968, when the campsite was built on an old gravel pit. It started out as a very small site, but with time it has grown larger and has become significantly more comfortable than at the beginning. Following the development of the city, the campsite has moved from the absolute fringe of the city to be significantly closer to the centre.
We – Lone & Martin Wellejus, have owned the site since December 2006, and during this time the site has undergone a thorough renovation, which means that the it appears today with modern and up-to-date facilities that fully meet the requirements of the modern camper.

Bath, wifi and green energy

The site is 100% covered by high speed wifi, which is included in the overnight rate. The same conditions apply to the showers. Of course, we call on everyone to think about and limit water consumption, thereby protecting the environment as much as possible. (It doesn’t take more time to get clean when the water is “free”). All power on the campsite is green and comes from Danish wind turbines. A large part of our hot water is heated by solar panels and energy efficient heat pumps.


Clausen & Petersen

Unique accommodation for 2 people in a comfortable double
bed. View of Pedersborg Badesø (Bathing Lake). Toilet and tea kitchen in the carriage.

DKK 650,- per day

A completely unique accommodation option in an old renovated circus wagon. There are two units in the wagon, and these are named after two of our most famous circus performers of all time – Clausen & Petersen.
Each unit accommodates two people.
Outdoors there is a terrace with table and chairs. Parking right next to the Circus Wagon. Pets are allowed, but no smoking.


& apartments

Lovely views and accommodation for 2-6 people. View of Pedersborg Badesø from most units.

from DKK 500,- per day

Many different types of cabins & apartments that stretch from the Student Wing – an option that has small rooms, common living room, kitchen, toilet and bathroom, to the large luxury cabins that contain all what you can expect in a luxury camping cabin.

All cabins and apartments have free wifi, bath and electricity included in the price.


& autocampers

View of Pedersborg Badesø.
Fantastic surrounding nature. Great kitchen and bathing facilities. Walking distance to centre of Sorø

Price example: Two adults, incl. wifi, electricity and bath 

from DKK 215,- per day

Enjoy the silence and the fantastic nature. Whether you enjoy shopping, hiking or cycling, wildlife, attractions or a bit of everything, Sorø is a fantastic starting point for your holiday. If you are chasing your own personal record within carp, perch or other exciting fish, then the Sorø lakes are definitely worth a visit.

Great pitches especially for motorhomes.

Bakery & Café

Café Gøgleren
Bakery, café og ice cream shop.

We have our own bakery that offers freshly baked, homemade breakfast rolls every day from 7.00 a.m.

In addition, our small café offers a wide selection of light snacks, pizzas, homemade dinners, French loaves and other side dishes for dinner.

At the ice cream shop, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with a wonderful ice cream or coffee & cake, a cool draft beer or a glass of wine.


Café & Shop


Alpine terrace


Bathing jetty


Sea bath

Cabins and appartments

All our cabins and apartments are smoke-free. Cabins and apartments including WI-FI internet.

Contact us if you have any questions

A campsite ensconced amid beautiful countryside

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