Whether you like shopping, hiking, cycling, animals, tourist attractions or a bit of everything, Sorø is a fantastic place to start your holiday.

Our countryside is particularly charming! No words could fully describe the beautiful lakes, the enormous forests, the architecture of Sorø Academy or the Klosterkirke, the charming Old Town and its unique history – they need to be experienced first-hand. Our campsite is right alongside Pedersborg lake, the second of Sorø´s 3 lakes. There are plenty of trees on-site, providing excellent shelter from wind or from the warm summer sun. (Rain is infrequent in Sorø)

The animal enclosure

We have very special child-friendly goats. They spend their days enjoying a massive animal enclosure in the company of 2 even more special pigs, and 2 small horses. The goats get back from their winter holidays around Easter, when we also expect 6-8 tiny new goat kids. The enclosure is freely accessible to all, but the animals’ homes aren’t open to people.


The campsite has its own tiny sweet factory, offering rows of delicious sweets. Opening hours are announced by the campsite sirens. When you hear them go three times, don’t panic: it just means that everyone is welcome to drop in and make their own lollipop. In the early and late seasons, we keep open house, allowing you to come and see how the sweets are made, and maybe even taste-test a few.

The fire-engine

Our own little fire-engine land-train runs several times a day. A charming tour of the site, showing a little of everything including our extremely localised “rain showers” and “mountain ascents”.


In the summer season, we open our “Alpine terrace”, where you can enjoy a cool drink, salt pretzels, Tyrolean music and other such delights. In your mind’s eye, envision yourself taking off your ski jacket, sitting on a terrace 2600 m up the mountainside, gazing out over the ski-lift and snow-clad mountains, whilst enjoying a well-earned refreshment and allowing your body to recover from the physical exertion – in July! Naturally lederhosen and ski suits are welcome, but please note that skis, snowboards and poles must be left outside.


Café & Shop


Animal pen


Bathing jetty


Candy factory

Cabins and appartments

All our cabins and apartments are smoke-free. Cabins and apartments including WI-FI internet.

Contact us if you have any questions

A campsite ensconced amid beautiful countryside

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