Whether you like shopping, hiking, cycling, animals, tourist attractions or a bit of everything, Sorø is a fantastic place to start your holiday.

Our countryside is particularly charming! No words could fully describe the beautiful lakes, the enormous forests, the architecture of Sorø Academy or the Klosterkirke, the charming Old Town and its unique history – they need to be experienced first-hand. Our campsite is right alongside Pedersborg lake, the second of Sorø´s 3 lakes. There are plenty of trees on-site, providing excellent shelter from wind or from the warm summer sun. (Rain is infrequent in Sorø)

Bathing lake

Pedersbrog Lake is a great lake for swimming. The water is lovely and quickly heated in summer, however, it gets very quickly deep. Sorø Lake has a bath option for the little ones called Skjolden. Skjolden is located at the northern end of Sorø Lake, which is a few hundred meters from the campsite.


Sorø and the surrounding area is bursting with unique scenery. The lakes, forests and the town offers a wide range of options. Shopping trips in Sorø’s many unique local specialty shops as well as the town’s museums and historic buildings are highly recommended. Hiking, picking, photo or cycling in the forests is also a sure hit. Try it.


Pedersborg Lake, Sorø Lake and Tuel Lake are a must for anglers. Fishermen from all over the world to seek their fortune in these divine ponds. The main attraction is carp fishing, but also pike, perch and eel are worth putting money on. We sell fishing licences for Sorø Fishing Association (mandatory) in the shop.

After ski at Alpeterrassen

During the summer season, we open “Alpeterrassen” where you can enjoy a cool gefugtenheimer, pretzels, Tyrolean music and other delights. Picture yourself: taking off your ski jacket, sitting on the 2600 metres deck and looking out on the ski lift and snowy mountains while enjoying a well deserved refreshment and getting the physical exertion out of your body – in July! Wearing skiwear and lederhosen is of course welcome. WARNING! Skis, sticks and snowboards kindly left outside. Read more about Sorø Sø Camping’s own little cosy corner on


Café & Shop


Alpine terrace


Bathing jetty


Sea bath

Cabins and appartments

All our cabins and apartments are smoke-free. Cabins and apartments including WI-FI internet.

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A campsite ensconced amid beautiful countryside

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