Camping all year at Sorø Sø

We bid you a hearty welcome to the website of Sorø Sø Camping – a campsite ensconced amid beautiful countryside, right by Petersborg lake and just 1.5 km from Sorø town centre, with its extensive commercial life. A place at the same time atmospheric and peaceful, full of delights for “children of all ages”.

Campsite with pleasant and comfortable surroundings

The campsite particularly welcomes families, so closeness and comfort are our key-words. Our aim is to create pleasant and comfortable surroundings for your stay in Sorø, whilst along the way providing the optimal starting point for a holiday experience on Sjælland.

Sorø Sø Camping

Campsite with good location, close to town

Personal and priming treatment

Own housing supplement and other activities




Overnight stays

The site

We are situated on hilly terrain, which can make it a challenge to get campervans properly level in certain areas. However, we do have a variety of blocks and chocks to counteract the difference in level, and we can guarantee that it will be worth the trouble once your van is in place.

The campsite lies alongside Pedersborg lake, the second of the three lakes near Sorø. Sorø lake lies to the south, Pedersborg lake in the centre, and Tuel lake to the north. There are a fair number of trees on the site, providing good shelter and a little shade on warm summer days – it seldom rains in Sorø.

As the campsite has its own tiny sweet factory, we thought it only natural to give the paths names reflecting sweets and their ingredients. There is something special about spending your holiday on Titanium Dioxide Way, Ammonium Chloride Way, or Rhubarb Way, or enjoying a playground bearing the tasty name of Bismarck Square (The Bismarck is a Danish sweet similar to a humbug). The access gate to the site is locked between 22:00 and 07:00. Silence is expected from 23:00.


Sorø Sø Camping was established in 1968, when the campsite was first built on an old gravel pit. It started as quite a small site, but has grown larger and significantly more comfortable over the years. Originally located at the very edge of town, the site has moved closer to the centre as the town has grown and developed.

We – that is, Lone & Martin Wellejus – became the owners in December 2006, and since then the site has been thoroughly renovated, making it the modern site it is today, with up-to-date facilities to meet the demands of the modern campsite guest.

Wireless internet

It does not have the bandwidth for big online games or downloading large files, but the connection is sufficient for checking email, finding out about local events and attractions, and so on. Our campsite has 100% Wi-Fi coverage, at a reasonable speed. The luxury and comfort cabins also have the option of a cable connection, providing a better and more constant speed.


Café & Shop


Animal pen


Bathing jetty


Candy factory

Cabins and appartments

All our cabins and apartments are smoke-free. Cabins and apartments including WI-FI internet.

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A campsite ensconced amid beautiful countryside

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